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The Found Life podcast is where we explore the trauma healing journey. Host Tanisha Shedden takes  you on a journey through personal stories of triumph and interviews with people on a healing journey just like you, and a few experts here and there. 

Join us every Thursday, tune in for an inspiring interview with a guest who has triumphed over trauma and found hope on the other side. 

Tune in and join us on this journey of discovery and hope.


Transform your life through hope, healing, and positive change. On the Found Life Podcast, we dive into mental health, healing trauma, and all things self improvement. Be inspired and motivated by personal stories, get mindful advice, and relax with occasional meditations. 


Your host, Tanisha Shedden will unpack  all things overcoming with guests from all walks of life.  The Found Life Podcast is a real-talk show for real people living life after trauma. 

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