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The Stages of Healing


The first step in the path healing is moving from denial to acceptance.

Embracing the beauty of our stories seems unimaginable at first.

Because how could we accept the dark and lonely places too?

When we realize that we are not victims, rather we are survivors, we realize how empowering embracing our story can truly be.


Complex and deep feelings rooted in extreme anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, and avoidance come from the experience.

It's like alarm bells ringing, telling us we need to heal.

The emotional crisis is our mind, body, and soul begging us to help ourselves.

It's as if our inner self is saying, "I need your help. You cannot leave me behind."


Anger is a staple of healing.

I know it sounds crazy, but anger is an emotion of power and protection.

Instead of telling yourself not to be angry, question

the anger, explore what it is telling you.

What is your anger trying to protect you from? What part of you is your anger trying to empower?

Repairing & Integration

The "integration" or repair happens when the trauma is "stored" properly in the mind.

It's like an a file that is finally organized with the rest of your life. Trauma happens when we do not know how do deal with the big file.

Think of it as running out of storage and needing to make space for more digital files.

Our bodies and brains need time, space, and skills to make space for a file this large.

When we finally integrate, we have made the space, and we are ready to accept that part of our story and feel safe again.

Becoming a Healer

A healer is one who is healing, has healed, or will heal others.

Regardless of how this word applies to you, it is a process.

Becoming a healer is holding space for your pain, facing challenges and learning how to thrive.

If you are on a healing journey, or want to learn more about how to make healing just a little bit easier, click this link for the Free Trauma Survival Guide.

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