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How to Heal From Trauma

Tanisha Shedden

The process of recovering from traumatic experiences is deeply personal.

One of the key ways to heal from trauma involves engaging in mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or meaning-centered approaches.

Mind-body-Soul approach


Ask questions:
  • Negative thoughts and beliefs often form after traumatic experiences.

  • Curiously observe your own thoughts and feelings. Challenge them and consider whether they are valid or are they a result of your traumatic experience.

  • Detach what happened to you from your self-worth.

  • Logically allow yourself to understand that your worth is not defined by your negative experiences.

  • Get in the mindset of a healer.

  • This can be using positive affirmations or simply setting an intention for your day.

  • Try these affirmations:

    • "I have come this far; I can do anything."

    • "I deserve love and abundance."

    • "I am a survivor."

    • "I am worth it."


  • Exercise can also serve as an empowerment tool.

  • When you exercise it helps engage and support the nervous system as well as providing physical outlets for the anger and grief that trauma survivors often experience.

  • Trauma survivors often feel vulnerable, weak, and have a sense of guilt and shame about being unable to protect themselves. Physical activity can help build strength and release inner power.


  • The body engages the fight or flight response after traumatic experiences.

  • The body is wired for protection, making it difficult for trauma survivors to relax.

  • To help the body relax, try deep breathing, yoga, meditation, stretching the neck, back, or hips, use a weighted blanket or use self-soothing music.

  • This can be done by talking to safe relatives and loved ones on the phone, planning fun activities and visiting safe family and friends.

  • Doing this builds our support network and keeps us from feeling alienated and isolated.

Find Meaning and Purpose:
  • Unfortunately, after trauma we often lose our sense of self.

  • We can get this back by gaining insight into who we are and allowing ourselves to heal.

  • Additionally, we can connect with the things that give us meaning and guide us in life.

  • If you are looking to heal, get the Free Trauma Journey Survival Guide Here

We need to engage each area of wellness to fully overcome trauma. These approaches are things you can try yourself. However, do not forget that seeking the help of a mental health professional in addition to self-help is so important.

Edited by Crystal Fuller


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