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How to Feel Better About Your Body

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Body positivity is when we focus on loving our body no matter what. Body neutrality is when we focus on the amazing things our body can do . When we focus on body positivity we don't overlook our flaws, but instead love our body flaws and all. What a concept since we all have flaws. The strange thing is we see flaws on our body that others adore or don't see when they look at us.

I remember a friend my same size who was convinced they were fat in high school. I would tease this friend because we were both thin. I honestly thought this friend was one of a few, but as I grew up and met more people I realized it is common.

I thought back that experience after reading an article where Lili Reinhart opened up about her own body positivity struggles.

How to be Body Positive:

  1. Focus on what your body does right

  2. Post and say daily affirmations

  3. Ask those you trust what they love about you

  4. Replace negative talk

  5. Make and keep a list in your pocket of the top five things you like about yourself

  6. Stop comparing yourself to others

  7. Don't compare yourself to how you used to look

I love watching the olympics and during the past games I was thinking a lot about my post baby body. I was focusing on fitness and losing the weight my doctors shamed me for gaining. What stood out to me while watching was everyone's body jiggled. It does not matter how fit we are, our body is meant to jiggle.

This was about the time I started reading this amazing book called, More Than a Body: Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament. It helped me to reshape my perception of myself and others. It also gave me the tools I needed to redefine my fitness journey.

How to practice body neutrality:

  1. Change the topic when others body shame

  2. Listen to your body

  3. Change your social media to show all body shapes and colors

  4. Befriend someone different than you

Now I have goals of what I want to do with my body. Some are a easy as getting back into hiking and others are more intense such as paragliding. I love feeling more fit, even if I won't ever get my pre baby body back.

How do you practice body positivity and body neutrality?

If any of this speaks to you, or makes you think of someone who needs to hear this, please share. Please subscribe to remember you are not alone, you are FOUND.

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